Kate Wolfe-Jenson--images and words for the journey

Kate Wolfe-Jenson is on a journey to become an openhearted celebrant of creativity and compassion. She is accompanied by her love for the arts, her wild imagination, a mystic sense of what’s holy (everything) and a pack of slathering monsters that includes Multiple Sclerosis and a tendency to self-criticism. Her travelogues include Dancing with Monsters: Chronic Illness as Creative Transformation, Mac and His Monsterand the new illustrated e-book Comfort & Joy: Practicing Life as a Compassionate Creative Experiment. She blogs at JourneyDancing.com.

July, 2015

Kate is teaching herself to draw using her mouth. She is learning using images from nature, including monarch butterflies. She is playing with the idea of making 100 images monarchs. This is #4.

Monarch drawing number five