Kate Wolfe-Jenson--images and words for the journey

100 Monarchs

Kate is an artist and has been increasingly disabled by multiple sclerosis. In the last few years, she has only been able to splash paint around. She knew that she wanted to learn to draw using her mouth.

In January, she saw the movie, Flight of the Butterflies. Hmm, monarch starts with the letter M, as does multiple sclerosis. Monarchs are orange (among other colors) and black; the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's logo is orange and black. Serendipity!

Kate has committed to create 100 monarch butterfly drawings and dreams of creating Monarchs for MS, a fundraising art-encouraging project for the MS society (upper Midwest chapter) and Save Our Monarchs. Artists touched by multiple sclerosis (MS) would make representations of the monarch butterfly which would be sold, with proceeds split between the two organizations. Do you want to help? Send Kate email at kate@jensons.com

November, 2017 update:

This project did not get much traction in 2015. (I made five drawings.) I received no response when I suggested it to the MS Society. But, I have been re-inspired by Henlee and Elliott Phillips.

Elliott is a member of his school's bug club. He found this page and his mom, Henlee, helped him send email suggesting I add a link to this Butterflies In Your Playground page.

I am busy right now but, starting in January, I will move this page to my redesigned website and recommit to creating butterfly drawings and raising money for monarchs. I want to practice my three R formula:

  • Release (judgmental thoughts and icky feelings)
  • Recommit (restate the commitment)
  • Return (take action)

stay tuned…

Thanks, Elliott and Henlee, for your help!!

6/26/15: making slow progress…

Monarch drawing number five

6/3/15: Drawing Monarch #3, Kate discovered the difference between charcoal and regular H3 pencils.

Monarch drawing number three

Drawing number one

(Kate's first ever drawing by mouth, 2/21/15)